My So-called Family

The aftermath...

As soon as my dad died my brothers and sisters showed up more often.  One of my sisters showed up at the funeral in a red top and hot pants because she "wanted to make sure the bastard was dead".

I was 12.

I became very withdrawn and frequently hung out in my bedroom with the door locked.  My brothers, sisters and their children were little more than strangers to me.

My mom started to throw more parties at home, but I rarely participated.  I was a meticulous child and took good care of my toys and things -- and I didn't like the idea of my nieces and nephews putting hands on them because I didn't want anything to happen to my only sources of pleasure.

My nieces and nephews never would acknowledge me as their aunt -- or give me that respect.  Somehow, through family gossip I got a reputation as being 'spoiled', 'stingy', 'unsociable'.  Try to understand,  I had just been through 6+ years of incest and abuse. I just couldn't be a Miss Sunshine.

I tried to repress my incest memories, but after seeing, 'Something About Amelia' at age 14 the floodgates opened and the memories came pouring in. 

At school I told my school social worker and she was properly outraged.  She called in my mother and my eldest sister and sat by my side as I told them both what Dad did to me.

My mother remained stone silent. 

And do you know what my eldest sister said?  She chose that moment to inform me that I was her HALF sister, not a full sister.

It was the beginning of the end of my relationship with my HALF brothers and sisters.

Then she didn't want to talk about the incest anymore.  Neither did my mother. Neither did any of my sisters and brothers. They just ignored it -- and stuck their heads up their asses.